Boss Babe Q&A: La'Tajah

 We asked our Head Babes in Charge a few questions like how they would describe their style, what are their favorite style choices, what Eccentric Roze Clothing means to them and where they wish to see E. R. C. go, and here is what they had to say:


La'Tajah: "I would describe my style as really whatever I'm feeling. Some days I feel like sunshine and rainbows, what I would consider a part of my 'Flower Child' side and other times I feel edgy and intense which is in tune with my dark side. The variety in my style can be very drastic as it can go from heels and glamour, to flowers and bright colors to darkness, fishnets and black lipstick. I like my ability to switch it up because I like to be unpredictable, keep people on their toes and never knowing what to expect with me.


My favorite style choice would probably be edgy, because for the most part everyone will compliment you when you're really dressed up or girly but when you look out of the ordinary, you get the double takes and the side-eyes. Everyone is not so readily accepting of it. That means you have to be so sure and strong in yourself that no one’s opinion or criticism matters, and you are content with your own validation. It takes courage, and confidence and it reassures the strong rebel aspect of my personality that says, 'I'm going to do what I want no matter who likes it or who doesn't.'


 Eccentric Roze Clothing means a lot to me. It is like the real-life manifestation of my wildest dreams. I consider fashion as a part of the arts which have been a passion of mine and a part of my life for as long as I remember, from dancing to playing the piano to designing clothes to drawing.  The arts are very close to my heart because they are physical representations of self-expression which I feel is very important because it reflects who you truly are. Fashion has been a key part of my self-expression and I hope to gift that to someone else. E.R.C., to me, means access, to fashion that is trendy, unique and affordable.



I hope to see Eccentric Roze Clothing grow to be a fashion empire. I want it to be more than a name, website or building. I want it to captivate minds, take the internet by storm, and eventually take over the world. I don’t want there to be an ear that has not heard or an eye that has not seen 'Eccentric Roze Clothing.'”


  • Young Lady! You’ve always been amazing with whatever challenges have come your way. Watching you grow up and glow-up has been pretty cool indeed. Stay on point with your God/Jesus/Holy Spirit connection as He continues to help you flourish in your passions. #ImProudOfYou #EnjoyLife73

    Mrs. Amandala aka Ms. Mandi
  • I knew you would do something amazing in life and not let your dreams go to waste this may be little to some people but this is big to you I’m sure and to everyone that watched you grow up near an
    Far. I’m so proud of you La’tajah an your whole team.Continue living your dreams and don’t stop don’t give up. Oh yeah I wanted to mention something to us girls like to look cute too so please be looking to add plus sizes to the collection please!


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