The Birth of Eccentric Roze Clothing

Rachael, a creative visionary and modern-day hipster birthed her own clothing business from a passion for fashion in 2013, but could not fulfill her dream fully due to the demand of full time work and being a mom...Until she met La'Tajah four years later in 2017, a fierce, eccentric, strong spirited fashionista who also possessed a love for fashion and style. The idea sparked from a conversation while on vacation of Rachael's past experiences with her business and her desire to start it back up, but lack of time to dedicate to it. La'Tajah, who had a more flexible schedule, got the idea that her innate inclination for fashion, along with her diverse sense of style; mixed with Rachael's experience and knack for fashion, could forge a dynamic partnership.The idea turned into a serious conversation, that formed into a plan, that was conceived by action, into your newest favorite place to shop for all of the latest styles... without breaking the bank!

We are dedicated to fashion, our business, and YOU! Our wonderful customers!! And we hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we enjoy being here for you!❤️

-Eccentric Roze Clothing🌹

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